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Weeks 4-5

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Miro Board Facelift

After discussing with my supervisor in week 4 we realized that the third diamond in my triple (double) diamond wasn't necessary. So I cut it out and later extended the second diamond to give more room to the data analysis I did with the questionnaire.

Survey Work

I imported the charts from google forms, seeing the overall trend of my respondents being 18-44, having port-wine stains, female, highly visible birthmarks. Half of those surveyed had hesitated in participating in activities as a child and nearly half had tried to hide their birthmark growing up. Host people didn't know anyone else with a birthmark and those that did not find that it helped them accept their birthmarks. However, this last statistic does not completely add up as more people answered the follow-up question than answered, yes, so I will need to manually adjust this. 90% of my respondents said they received questions about their birthmarks as a child.

Nearly all of those surveyed never saw someone with a media with a birthmark - either fictional or an actual person. Most of those surveyed did think that seeing others with birthmarks in media would help with self-esteem and understanding of birthmarks and would have liked to have seen that when they were growing up.

Lining up my coding tags in the form of a bar graph revealed some strong trends. Instances of having a difficult time growing up with a birthmark equaled that of bullying. I did notice a trend that those bullied tended to remark explicitly that growing up was hard for them. I also noticed that many made comments of feeling different, having their birthmarks mistaken for something else (injuries, dirt or paint). I also noted that many were told they were special and had a lot of family support. I suspect that those with family support and fewer instances of being "the new kid" may have had an easier time as a child.

In terms of advice for children growing up with birthmarks now, overwhelmingly there were comments about the child being unique and special, embracing their difference, and not worrying too much about what others think.

Storyboard and User Journey

Here I storyboarded a context and use cases for the book and kit that I will be designing.

Youtube video decorating birthmark

Roughing Out the Book

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