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Masters Completed!

It's been a long time in the making but I've done it! I've completed my Masters of Design and my major project is a beautiful picture book written and drawn for children with birthmarks.

I've been studying in some capacity since 2016 so I'm now in the strange situation of having no more homework...

So how'd it go?

Pretty well I think. I'm still waiting on my final marks but I'm proud of what I managed to create given the short time frame and this being my first children's book that I've written myself.

As part of the assessment, I presented the below exhibition which included a full-length process video that showed my entire process - this will eventually be edited into a more guided process video for my youtube channel. The banners detailed the stages of the project and on the table were my prototype, test prototype, and dummy books I made throughout the process.

I also mocked up what the kit might look like as a product that comes with stickers, paints, and stencils.

As for the book, my prototype came out fantastically using a photo book printing service. The colours were bold, the paper quality good, and the print quality pretty good for a prototype. The cover has a nice gloss to it too that I liked. The one drawback was that the photo book service was unable to print the colour all the way around the edges of the cover. You can have a look at some images from the book below.

From here I plan to go back and edit the book, fix up a few little things and get it independently published, either as a print on demand or with the aid of a Kickstarter. It needs a little bit of a rewrite but I'm excited to get this out there to the birthmark community.

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