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  • How much does it cost to hire an illustrator?
    Good question! The short answer is "It depends". The long answer is I create a quote based on each brief sent to me. What factors do I take into my pricing? Things such as level of detail, backgrounds, number of characters, deadline and copyright or licensing agreements all play into what I price for you. Once I have all the details I need to write an estimate for you I'll send you an itemized estimate.
  • How do I hire an illustrator?
    It's easy! Just send me an email with your brief, don't worry I don't bite! Be sure to include in your brief a detailed breakdown of what you're after so I can give you a more accurate quote. Also let me know if you're on a tight deadline or budget. If you're happy with the quote we can move forward from there. Check out this article for more info:
  • What happens when I've commissioned an illustrator? Do you send me drafts?
    Yes! I have a three stage approval process: Stage 1: concept sketches / your chance to make sure I'm on track Stage 2: Line Art / Another chance to make changes Stage 3: Colours / Your chance to change colours Final handover: You get your costum art just how you wanted it!
  • So I need to own the copyright to use the illustrations you make for me?
    Absolutely not. In fact it can make the project prohibitively expensive if you want to own the copyright to the illustrations you commission. I do however recommend getting the copyright for any mascots you commission from an illustrator as they are akin to a logo and are part of a brand. You will still need to come to a licensing agreement with the illustrator before you can use their copyrighted material. Illustrators Australia has some good information on the subject here:
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