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Week 5: Preparing for my Presentation & David Sargent

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Not too much to show for my work this week after coming back from a well-needed break mid-trimester.

This week we went over a brief overview of what's needed for our Research Proposal and most of my time was spent preparing for my research presentation.

As part of my presentation prep, I sought out some other projects that have been done around birthmarks. What I found were several stunning photography projects, a couple of films, and a handful of children's picture books. It's interesting to see how other mediums have handled the subject:


David Sargent - No Bodies Perfekt

David is the director of Live Worm at QCA and spoke to us about his work and his Doctoral project he did for his Doctor of Arts degree.

I really enjoyed learning about this project and really like his work on it. It reminded me a lot of some of the animated work I grew up with from Sesame Street in the early nineties - very naive and experimental. Some like that below.

This one also stuck in my mind too, though I definitely remember it being more trippy and Mambo like:

David incorporated his typography into AR so that he could make non-destructive/legal graffiti art critiquing marketing messaging. I really love this project and it's a fantastic and simple application of AR and Typography.

Here's a sample of David's AR work:

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