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Week 2: Coding and Starting the Exegesis

Project Work


This week I caught up with a bit of research I intended to do weeks ago. I went through Instagram to find some influencers in the birthmark community. I tried to concentrate on people with a high number of followers or were particularly embracing their birthmark in their content.

Snapshot of my Miro Board

Some of the content that I particularly enjoyed and was inspired by was that of the makeup artists using their birthmarks as part of their makeup looks:

Naturally, there was also a lot of power in the content that was just boldly and beautifully out there and proud with the creator just enjoying life and being them and looking stunning.

I'm still keeping an eye out for more, but seeing how people are embracing their birthmarks is inspirational and I hope I can bring this energy into my project.

Tib & Tum Tum

In my research into children's books featuring birthmarks recently I discovered Tib & Tum Tum, which is a series based on a comic book featuring a boy with a PWS over his left eye and his T-Rex friend. He goes on fun adventures and for the most part, the birthmark isn't made a big deal of - aside from the little bit of bullying he gets from another boy.

AR Tattoos

Another avenue I'm interested in doing is something similar to AR Tattoos. Although I'm not sure how to do it without having an AI recognize the boundaries of a birthmark.

Birthmark Tattoos

Naturally, people have been tattooing over their birthmarks, I particularly enjoy the ones that incorporate the birthmark over just covering it up.

Picture Book Review

This review was a collection of books about self-confidence or difference I could find at my local library. I was looking for different ways these books tackle the topic of difference in terms of tone, art style and most importantly; theme and story.

Coding my Survey

I was very lucky to end up with 58 respondents after the last push of my survey. The community really showed up for me. Now that I've closed the survey I've begun coding the responses so I can extract themes and common threads. There was so much information I had to bring the responses into Indesign so I could colour individual threads of text. Although I think I will export it out as an image and bring it into Miro so I can draw connections more easily.


Writing has now begun on my exegesis/thesis. So far so good, I'm just organizing my thoughts from last trimester into a written format that will work for my exegesis.

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